Addendum to BEA report
BookBurger Interview

John Green is nice

My teen-author drinks night pal John Green, author of the Printz-winner Looking for Alaska, described Fly on the Wall on his blog the other day in a way that made me LAUGH OUT LOUD.

He also sent me this email after reading the book, which he was then nice enough to say I could use for all my dastardly self-promotional purposes. Really, it is so awesome I want to cry. I hope he was telling the truth.

"I think this might be the best YA novel, as in a book published for young adults and also written for young adults, that I've ever read. Because it's a reworking of Kafka, and it's this crazy brilliant upending of all the sexual stereotypes we've ever had--particularly in YA lit, and it's hilarious, and it's so very smart. I mean, I'm serious... It's really amazing."