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Vassar Girls (and one Boy)

Want to write a YA novel? go to Vassar College.
I don't know what it's all about, but here's a list of YA novelists who went there:

1. me
2. Scott Westerfeld (Peeps; Pretties; Uglies; Midnighters)
3. Cassandra Claire (forthcoming Mortal Instruments)
4. Lisa Papademetriou (M or F?)
5. Dana Reinhardt (A Brief Chapter in My Impossible Life)
6. Carolyn Mackler
7. Mariah Fredericks (Crunch Time, The True Meaning of Cleavage)
8. Aimee Friedman (South Beach and French Kiss)

Weirdly, everyone seems to have been either older (Scott!) or younger than me (everyone else!), so not a single one of these people saw me in my 1980s aerobics outfits, thank goodness.

I am sure I am missing someone. if you know of others, tell me.