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Hey, E. and T. here—this morning started off with a beautiful drive up Lake Shore Drive on a clear sunny day, courtesy of our savvy escort Art. Jen was amazed by how big the lake is—it's a GREAT LAKE!
We got to the Book Stall in Winnetka with a few minutes to spare so stretched our legs to get rid of all Monkey Butts. (Monkey Butts, as we learned from cdaisym, is the proper name to attach to the tingly butt sensation E. described yesterday.)

We signed at the Book Stall, met the nice owners and admired their big, adorable children's section, then went back to FANCY LUNCH.

Yes, a fancy lunch was eaten and it was eaten with Booklist and Booklinks editors and we learned that EVERYONE LOVES JOHN GREEN. (he used to work at Booklist. We just love him – why? because he wrote an awesome book.) We had lively discussions of memoir, young adult literature and red peppers.

Hmmm, that was kind of it for the day. And it was good.

With a few hours to kill, T. realized she had left her comfy clothes at home and went to Old Navy for a new hoodie and jeans. Now T. is happy.

We are such narcissists. (T. wants me to note that I said that yesterday – but it's TRUE)
Some about Simon Cheshire and Jen Bryant. Jen is very svelte and used to coach cross country running and did a ton of research for her books, the Trial (about the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby) and Pieces of Georgia (about a girl whose life changes when she gets a free membership to the Brandywine museum from a mysterious source).

We have determined that Jen knows about these things: Gettysburg, running, colleges, Lindbergh, Georgia O'keefe.

Simon is very very funny and self-depracating. When he reads from his book Kissing Vanessa (about a 15-year old boy with a huge crush), everyone laughs and laughs and he's only talking about FISH FINGERS.
E. asked him, "how were you educated?" and he said, "badly."

We have determined that Simon knows about these things: fish fingers, teenage boys, UK publishing, the English countryside, being on the radio

We have determined that E. knows about these things: stinky cheese and catalog shopping.

We have determined that Tanya knows about these things: Abraham Lincoln and bunnies.

We are just about to board a plane for Dayton, Ohio, and hope you will tune in tomorrow.

--E. Lockhart & Tanya Stone
on the road

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