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Julie Kenner's boyfriend list -- hot musical theater men

Manoloscancopy In Julie Kenner's The Manolo Matrix, an aspiring actress turned bodyguard follows a series of clues based on Broadway musicals. So in her SECOND amusing boyfriend list (the first one is very very scary and you can find it here), she made a list of hot musical theater heroes.

Now some of you know that I just finished a first draft of a book about musical theater. So Julie is a girl after my own heart. But where is Skye Masterson, Ms. Kenner? Where is Curly? Where is Don Lockwood?

Anyway. I'm supposed to tell you about Julie's book, not go on and on about cute guys who can tap dance. It's the follow-up to her first chic sleuth story, The Givenchy Code. Different characters, same fashionista mystery glamour.

And now, here's Julie's list, which is very good despite her neglect of Mr. Masterson.

The Broadway Boyfriend List
by Julie Kenner

Sid in The Pajama Game. Harry Connick, Jr. ‘Nuff said.

Matthew Broderick in The Producers. Or, really, in anything. I’ve been crushing since Ferris Bueller

The Baker from Into The Woods. He’s not particularly hot, but, hey, he ends up making a great daddy :)

The Beast from Beauty and the Beast — (left) only, I have to admit I like him better before he changes into a prince!

Anatoly in Chess. Smart and sexy. Sigh.