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Which 80s Teen Film Heroine Are You?


The 80s teen film heroine you are most like is MARY STUART MASTERSON from SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL. True to yourself and loyal to those you love, you don't have time for silly things like makeup and high heels. But guys'll never notice you if you always play it tough, so take a cue from ERIC STOLTZ's Keith Nelson, and show your sensitive side from time to time. A little lip gloss never hurt anybody either.

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(Note: this is the link to theMeg Cabot Book Club quiz page -- but there's a new one every month, so if you're clicking on this and it's not January 06, you may have to look at the list of back-quizzes once you get there)

Anyway, I liked this quiz. Except.
It asked what color eyeliner I wear, and then chastized me for no makeup!
But I wear MAKEUP. I wear lipstick and blush and eyeshadow. I am just a firm objector to eyeliner as something that
1) I wore in the 80s to excess
2) makes my eyes actually appear smaller and a bit piggy
3) always runs down my face because my eyes water
4) is hard to put on well in the 45 seconds I allow for makeup application

Don't get me started on MASCARA. I gave it up one day and have never looked back.