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Sheila Curran's vile boyfriend list

Sheila Curran is on the GCC with me (Girlfriends Cyber Circuit) and her book is called Diana Lively is Falling Down. It's the story of a talented British architect who builds dollhouses so she can tend to her three children and overbearing husband. Stranded in an unhappy marriage by what she perceives as her children’s best interests, Diana must find a way to reclaim her power while holding fast to duty, honor and housewifely sanity.

It's funny! It's British! You can read an excerpt here.

Jodie Picoult (My Sister's Keeper) called the book "a terrific pick-me up" "with characters who make you laugh out loud even as they break your heart."

Anyway, since the husband in the novel is so completely hate-able, Sheila given us :

The Vile Boyfriend List, or things to watch out for in a potential boyfriend
by Sheila Curran

1) Vehicle has mudflaps with Playboy-Bunnies or confederate flags on them.
2) Has a Frequent Flyer Hooters’ Visa.
3) Owns a Promise Keepers Teeshirt.
4) Under-tips or berates a waitress
5) Is taking Mime classes
6) Talks during the movie, or reveals the ending to anyone who hasn’t seen it.
7) Wears cologne or spats.
8) Appears overly proud of his previous girlfriend’s low body-fat ratio
9) Tells you you’re not like the other American women, who wear too much make-up and expose their flesh to men.
10) Owns or operates a metal detector “just for fun.”

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P.P.P.S. Sheila, are you sure about #6!? I myself have been known to commit this sin.