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Sex Kittens and Horn Dawgs Fall in Love

Maryrose Wood is my pal and a VERY VERY funny writer.

Her book, SEX KITTENS AND HORN DAWGS FALL IN LOVE is, as School Library Journal promises and I can attest, "squeaky clean" despite the racy title, and it nearly gave me a side ache from giggling when I read it. If you're wondering how to make your mom buy you a book with that title, Maryrose will tell you exactly how to do it, on her site.

SEX KITTENS is about Felicia, a Greenwich Village (that's downtown NYC) girl who boldly tells her crush how much she likes him, and convinces him to engage with her in a science experiment to determine why the vibes aren't flowing the other way...or will they?

The BCCB said of her: "Wood's effervescent, often idiosyncratic style rather suggests P.G. Wodehouse as a Greenwich Village girl ("Kibosh! I say to my heart. I spray a pffft of X-Begone upon you!")." And if you've read Wodehouse
(what?? You haven't read Wodehouse? Get thee to a bookstore and purchase Jeeves in the Offing immediately!),
you know that's a mega-compliment.

Anyhow, the book hit stores a couple days ago, and if you go out and buy it now, you'll thank me later.