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Not Your Mother's Book Club

Not Your Mother's Book Club, run by the oh-so-awesome people at Books Inc in San Francisco, is a club for teenagers where you read YA fiction and discuss. Plus there are author appearances, cool giveaways of early copies of great books, writing workshops, and more.

For example, they've had
Holly Black
Cecil Castelluci
Chris Crutcher
Rosemary Graham
Deb Caletti
and all kinds of other people, just in their first year.

Now, it exists online as well!
So join up already.
You need a Live Journal account, which is free, and you can use any mysterious name you choose. (that also gives you a blog, but you don't have to use it).
So you go to
Not Your Mother's Book Club and click the little plus button to join. Then you can post as a member of the community, comment on other people's posts, etc.

If you want to get fancy, google LJ Icons and get yourself a cute icon.

Once you're there, come check out my Live Journal Friends List, which is all YA novelists (or people who review them) all the time. It's like a blog syndicator -- all their blogs send a little feed over to the friends list.

You really won't believe how many YA writers are on LJ and posting regularly. You can fangirl (or fanboy) yourself into quite a tizzy.