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Melissa Senate's boyfriend list

Melissa Senate is on the GCC with me, and she's the author of See Jane Date, The Solomon Sisters Wise Up, a bunch of other books and now:

A title that good need little pushing. Four bad-breakups push four different people together -- and voila! a club.
I'm all over it.
Bras & Broomsticks author Sarah Mlynowski says Senate "is definitely one of my favorite chick-lit writers. Her books are always feel-good, fast-paced and hilariously funny!"

Senate's debut novel for teens, THEODORA TWIST, comes out in May. It's about an unpopular 16-year-old who goes from invisible to famous when the reigning teen queen of Hollywood stays with her family for the shoot of her reality TV show about being a regular teen (she's not!).

Without more ado, here is Melissa's cringe-worthy list of horrible things her top three worst boyfriends ever said to her.

Horrible Things Top Three Worst Boyfriends Said:
by Melissa Senate

1) “My mother is uncomfortable with our relationship because your brother is married to a Chinese woman.” (We broke up later that day.)

2) Upon being picked up from hospital after minor operation: “I like your hair best when you blow-dry it straight. You like your hair straight. So why’d you leave it curly today?” (Broke up the next day. Hey, I was under anesthesia.)

3) “You know that Seal song, Kiss of the Rose, when he sings: ‘The more I get of you, the stranger it feels?’ That’s exactly how I feel about you.” (Took two more weeks to break up, but I was young.)