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Laurie Stolarz's boyfriend list

BluenightmaresLaurie Faria Stolarz is on the GCC with me, and her YA series started with Blue is for Nightmares and is now up to Red is for Remembrance. They're magical thrillers about Stacey Brown, a boarding school girl whose persistent nightmares predict horrors that come true in real life. Only the folk magic she learned from her grandmother can protect her.

Blue is obviously the book to start with, and it was a 2005 Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers and a 2004 Top Ten Teen Pick Nominee. So check out the series if you like a good supernatural thriller.

Anyway. Boys.
What else?

Stolarz very amusingly sent us both a boyfriend list for Stacey, her heroine -- but also one for herself. The latter is (I assume) part dream-world, part reality. Perfect for someone whose novels are all about the blurring of those two spheres.

Stacey Brown’s Boyfriend List:
(from the Blue is for Nightmares series by Laurie Faria Stolarz)

Chad – my first serious crush who also happened to be my best friend’s boyfriend.

PJ – okay, not really, but one night during freshman year, after too much studying and not enough sleep, he was looking kinda cute and we almost kissed - almost.

Jacob – my soul mate. I mean, who else travels across the country to save your life even though he hasn’t even met you yet? I love Jacob and hope things can go back to normal soon.

Tim – after I lost Jacob, my entire universe came crashing down. Tim was there to help pick up the pieces. It didn’t hurt that he was extremely cute, thoughtful, and funny. A gentleman to the core, I’m glad he doesn’t hold a grudge about what happened – or should I say what almost happened – between us.


Laurie Stolarz’s Boyfriend List

John Cusack – I’ve had a serious – serious! – crush on him since The Sure Thing.

Michael Vartan – (left) How much did I want to be Drew Barrymore when Michael Vartan ran across the baseball field to give her a big smooch at the end of Never Been Kissed.

Andy Garcia – This one’s sort of self-explanatory – for me anyway.

Nicolas Cage – There’s just something about him.

Ed Stolarz – My husband and best friend. He’s supportive and keeps me laughing. He reads all my work, helps keep the house clean, and loves me very much.

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