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Anyonebutyou_1 Novelist and self-proclaimed "certified pop-culture junkie" Lara Zeises (pronounce it to rhyme with Sarah) has a very fun, chatty blog and is the author of Contents Under Pressure and other good stuff, including the new Anyone But You. She's on the GCC with me.

Anyone But You is great. I've read it. It's about a pair of step-siblings, Seattle and Critter, who have always been best friends -- until the events of one hot, confused summer threaten to rip them apart.
Anyway, Lara made us a boyfriend list -- and it is adorably surprising! Check it out. And read her novel!

"Guys I'd Kill to Make Out With" Boyfriend List
by Lara Zeises

10. Giovanni Ribisi. Remember when he was Corey Kupkus on MY TWO DADS?
9. Ben Affleck. No, I'm not immune to the Affleckian charms.
8. Warrick from CSI. The eyes alone do me in, but the mouth! Yum.
7. Shia La Beouf. But only if I was ten years younger.
6. Jason Lee. Utterly dreamy, even when he's sporting "I haven't bathed in weeks" hair.
5. Corey Haim circa 1987. You know, before the heroin and all.
Piven4. Jeremy Piven. I would so hug it out with him. Many, many times.
3. Vincent D'Onofrio. If you haven't seen THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, you should totally rent it. Like, now.
2. Vince Vaughn. Jen is so much better off with him than pretty boy Brad. Ear muffs!
1. Breckin Meyer. Don't ask me why, but I've had totally random dreams in which he is my boyfriend and I am more than smitten. This is over a series of years, people.

Bonus guy who almost made my list: the dude from PRISON BREAK, because he has the absolute bestest set of kissing lips ever.