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MY RESULTS: You are "Misgivings" -- Like any good third-waver, it seems like you have a healthy amount of distance from your feminist foremothers. Maybe it's the 700+ pages of "The Second Sex." It's never too late to learn the "33 Things Every Girl Should Know About Women's History." Check it out.

Oh, dear. I did embarassingly badly on's feminism trivia quiz.
But it was still very fun and informative, too - -because they tell you the answer right away and explain a bit about it.
Just so you know, I have no misgivings. I'm a feminist. Although I did get VERY bored reading those 700 pages of The Second Sex, it's true. But you know what? My high school boyfriend gave me The Female Eunuch when I was seventeen, and it made a huge difference in my life -- to be able to read in print some of the things I had been feeling.
Some boyfriend, huh?

And please, Gwen Stefani. You can still wear cute outfits and be a feminist.