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Julie Kenner's Scary Boyfriend List

CarpedemonmediumJulie Kenner is on the GCC with me and she's written Carpe Demon, which is all about this suburban soccer mom who hunts demons ala Buffy. (Plus, she writes that "it's been vetted by the moms of a 12 and a 14 y.o., LOL" -- so it's appropriate reading for anyone.)

She's also the author of The Givenchy Code, which is like a fashiony chick lit thriller. The tag line reads: "Cryptography is the new black." Which cracks me up.

Julie wrote us a super-funny and also SCARY boyfriend list, below.
I mean, Count Olaf!??! Bleh blech!
Darth Vader! Quadruple blech!

Though James Bond is hot,
and Lord Voldemort used to be.
And Rick Blaine? (He's the guy Bogart plays in Casablanca). I would take him in a second!
And actually, though I know this is sick, I always liked Anthony Perkins in that movie....

All right. I am obviously a deranged individual with highly questionable taste. But Julie's not.

Oh yeah, here is Julie's blog!


Julie Kenner's Top Nine "I'd Rather Fight Demons Than Have These Film And/Or Literary Dudes as A (Serious) Boyfriend" List
(because everyone always does a top ten ...)

Psycho661) Norman Bates. I just don't date men I wouldn't feel comfortable showering with.

2) Count Olaf. A girl's gotta think about the whole family thing, right? And I just don't think he's that good with kids ...

3) Darth Vader. OK, yes, so maybe therapy could help the guy out, but a) mostly-evil just doesn't do it for me, and b) can you imagine the hassle factor of getting that outfit drycleaned? And you know *he's* not going to do it himself!

4) Count Dracula. Sure, there's some dark sexual attraction working there, but I can't even wear turtlenecks, I so hate things right around my neck ...

Humphreybogartpicture5) Rick Blaine. Okay, this was a hard one, b/c, hey, it's Humphrey Bogart. But in the end, he chose duty and honor over Ingrid Bergman. Fabulous in film, not so fabulous if you're the girl, ya know?

6) Lord Voldermort. I mean, come on? How could I date a guy whose name I'm not even allowed to say?

7) Ashley Wilkes. I just NEVER got Scarlett's fascination with that man ...

8) Charles Foster Kane. Money, but serious issues. And a severe lack of comfortable furniture in the home.

9) James Bond. Good to look at. Not the marrying type. On Her Majesty's Secret Service notwithstanding. (But for a fling ... well, that I just might have to consider)