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The Grease Poll

If you are UNDER the age of eighteen, will you do me a favor and take my Grease poll? You'll be supporting highly unscientific research for a project I might do in the future.
Plus it's fun!
Thanks in advance. (you have to scroll down -- I don't know why and I can't fix it!)

I say "Grease." What do you say?
No idea what you're talking about.
It's grease. Oily gunk like you find in car engines.
Oh, you mean like some crap '50s movie back when Travolta was skinny? I think I've heard of it.
I loved that movie when I was eight, but now I'm so over it.
I loved that movie when I was eight and secretly, I still watch it all the time and know the lyrics to Summer Lovin'.
I love that movie! And I'm proud to admit it!
Excuse me. You can't just say "Grease." Do you mean the stage musical or the film? Because they're quite different, you know. But both of them rock.


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