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Johanna Edwards' Boyfriend List

Well, I clearly gotta watch some more TV. Johanna Edwards, who's on the GCC with me, (Girlfriends Cyber Circuit: we help each other out by letting our blog readers know about each other's books), has written a book all about this size large woman who goes on one of those reality TV shows where you try to lose weight in front of 10 million viewers. It's called The Next Big Thing, and if Jennifer Weiner thought it was awesome (as she did), then it's gotta be good.

In any case, Johanna's got a
blog, which is mainly the inside scoop on what it's like to be the kind of debut novelist who goes on TV and has profiles written about her and all that jazz, which is pretty fun reading. Her life is way more glamorous than mine.

And more importantly,
finally, finally getting to my point,
she's got a BOYFRIEND LIST of the guys on reality TV!
(You know, apropos of her book about reality TV, and all).
It's a fantasy boyfriend list. At least I don't think, depsite her glam life, that Johanna's actually dated all these guys.
I am so not a TV watcher, so I'm in the dark about most of these dudes (except Simon, and I do admit I like me a tasty British accent) -- though I did have a little cheesy moment where I liked that Outback Jack guy. He was so manly, helping blondes in bikinis fight off alligators.

by Johanna Edwards

Ethan – “Survivor: Africa”
Not only did he win the million bucks (hey, I have expensive taste!) but he’s a professional soccer player. And you know what they say: Soccer players do it for 90 minutes…

Will Kirby – “Big Brother 2”
The ultimate bad boy. Who couldn’t resist the ultra-sexy, ultra-devious Will “Dr. Evil” Kirby? He was like a soap opera character come to life. He started out the most hated man in the game yet managed to charm his way into the first place.

Simon Cowell – “American Idol”
Come on, admit it. This sexy, snarky Brit is the best thing about “American Idol.”

Raj – “The Apprentice 2”
So what if he’s a little girl crazy (he asked out Donald Trump’s secretary)? I’m a little boy crazy, so we’re even. And you’ve gotta love his bow ties.

Phil Keoghan – “The Amazing Race”
He has such a calming presence. Plus, he seems like a genuinely nice, caring guy. And I’m a sucker for his Australian accent.

Andrew Firestone – “The Bachelor”
Yes, I know, he’s “damaged goods.” But so what? Andrew Firestone was arguably the sexiest, most desirable man to ever headline the ailing franchise.

Kwame – “The Apprentice”
Brilliant, charming, and full of class…Kwame’s got it all. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s incredibly handsome.

Brady – “Survivor: Vanuatu”
You’ve just gotta love this sexy, strong FBI agent. Plus, I’m friends with his sister, so this could actually happen. You know, if Brady hadn’t recently married a gorgeous Australian gal…and if he weren’t waaaay out of my league.

Rob & Brennan – “The Amazing Race”
The duo who started it all. I adore these sexy legal eagles. And how hot did they look racing into first place in the series one finale?

Colby – “Survivor: Australian Outback”
Why? Because he’s buff, he’s tough, and he’s got that thousand-watt smile. Seriously, Colby, forget the Schick shaving cream commercials…why aren’t you advertising Crest Whitestrips?