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Drama Geek

You scored as Drama Geek. You're a drama geek. You are a tortured soul who plans on making it in New York as a broadway star. Good luck with that.

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What High School Stereotype Are You?
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I don't think I've mentioned here that the book AFTER Fly on the Wall and AFTER The Boy Book is tentatively called DramaRama -- and it's a semi-autobiographical about summer theater camp. So this quiz result comes as no surprise, is what I'm sayin'.

Books I've Been Reading

I have been shockingly negligent writing up the teen novels I've been reading. And I have to write a SEQUEL to The Boyfriend List, and I am way behind -- so I am doing the v. short version:

Boy Proof by Cecil Castelluci is so lovely and good. The girl does special effects makeup and paints on her eyebrows and calls herself Egg.

Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld is unlovely but also good. And I always wanted to go to boarding school... but now I'm glad I didn't.

Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan is romantic and sometimes campy and a real vision of a better world.

Bras & Broomsticks by Sarah Mlynowski is all hijinks and hilarity. Like eating gum drops -- in the best way.

And on my nightstand:
Anyone But You, by Lara Zeises
The Insiders: Pass it On, by J. Minter
The Wessex Papers, by Daniel Parker
Shrimp, by Rachel Cohn
TTYL, by Lauren Myracle

Musical Dorkitude etc.

Supercool YA writer and internet maven Lara Zeises, who is on the GCC with me, hosts me on her blog today. My top seven Jeapordy categories, the TV show I'd like to live in, plus an extremely undignified rant about musical geekdom. Oh, and in the comments, Literaticat (AKA Trouble) has already revealed the name and brand of the perfect red lipstick. I am seriously going out tomorrow to buy it.

Lara, by the way, is the author of Contents Under Pressure (which I loved), Bringing Up the Bones, and the forthcoming Anyone But You. (That's the cover, there).

Also, in today's news: My dialog with Megan Crane continues over at Beatrice, where I rant on and on about my graduate education, how Edward Said yelled and me, and why I take myself seriously despite being a ridiculous goofball.

Marianne Mancusi Says Some Nice Things

Virtual book tour:
Marianne Mancusi, author of various fun books for grown-ups and the forthcoming YA novel Sk8er Boy, is so darn nice about The Boyfriend list on her blog, I'm just going to be self-promotional and tell you what she wrote:

"I've become extremely judgemental and picky about my YA nowadays. So that said, I read "The Boyfriend List" last week in preparation for this blog entry and I was blown away! It's soo extremely good! It's one of those young adult books that an "old" adult could really get into as well. It's very well written for one thing - and it never once talks down to the target audience. And she does this thing with footnotes that is incredibly clever and cool. I just wish I'd thought of it myself!! :-) And the whole concept of the "list" is very neat. You'll also love the main character. She's just so honest and real... someone you'd totally want to be friends with. (As long as she stays well away from your boyfriend, LOL)."

Thanks Marianne. You are a mensch.

March 17th, New York City

Are you local in NYC?

I am excited to tell you I'm doing the first and ONLY
open-to-the-public reading of
next Thursday March 17, at a fun bar in Brooklyn.

I'll be reading with my friend Ayun Halliday
the always hilarious author of The Big Rumpus, No Touch Monkey!, and Job Hopper: The Checkered Career of a Down-Market Dilettante -- and the sole employee of my favorite zine, The East Village Inky;
and with
the extremely interesting Jami Attenberg, proprietor of
Whatever-Whenever and the author of Deli Life. (By the way -- the content here is definitely R-Rated)

WHEN: March 17, 2005; 7 PM
WHO: only people of legal drinking age
WHERE: Barbes (pronouced Bar-bess) 376 9th St. (@ 6th Ave.) Park Slope, Brooklyn
Take the F train to 7th Ave. in Brooklyn, which lets you at at 7th Ave. and 9th Street. Then walk downslope 1 block .
COST: nothing

It's part of the reading series curated and hosted by Ned Vizzini.

How Not To Spend Your Senior Year, by Cameron Dokey

Senior_yearRead it in a day.

Mighta been better if it had been longer, more involved. Everything's over kinda quick.

Still, Cameron Dokey's romantic comedy about a girl whose father being in the witness protection program makes it so she has to fake her own death (and lose her boyfriend in the process) is a fun romp. Especially if (like me) you often wonder what it would be like to change your hair, your clothes, your name, your everything -- and start life over in a different place.