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Some more questions submitted by you guys:

How do you get to the comment section on other blog posts?

You don't! Sorry. Most of the time I don't leave comments open. I already spend too much time fooling around on the internet – if my blog had comments every day, I would never write.

Which books will you, Lauren, and Sarah be signing on your How to Be Bad tour?

Pretty much everything! We are told the stores are stocking backlist, and we all three have books that have just come out in paperback. As long as the stores have 'em, we'll sign 'em.

Lauren will sign the TTYL series, Rhymes with Witches, the Eleven Twelve series, etc. with Twelve just out in paperback. Sarah will sign the Magic in Manhattan series (Bras & Broomsticks, etc.) with Spells and Sleeping Bags just out in paperback. And I'll sign whatever you want – Dramarama and The Boy Book will be new in paper. Most of the stores we're visiting are children's bookstores, so I doubt they'll have Sarah's adult titles. But the general interest stores might!

Will you or could you ever write a book with a male protagonist. Why or why not?

I'd like to try someday. But female characters do come more naturally to me, at least in terms of writing in first person. Sometimes I have to go back through my drafts and stop the boys from saying things like "Oh my god, I can't believe it!" -- in other words, my boys come out sounding like teenage girls until I rewrite them.