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John Belushi Quiz

Help me with Roo3

I know I owe you answers to the rest of the FAQ questions -- and they're coming, I promise. But I am FINISHING ROO3! Right now! Like, I might get to the end TODAY!

So, now I need your help with something else.

If you are UNDER THE AGE OF 18, it would help me greatly in making sure Roo's footnotes are interesting and funny and not annoying/boring if you can copy the questions below into the comments (here on the blog, not on LJ, please!) and then answer them – quickly or at length as you see fit!

Do NOT use the internet or any other reference material. What I need to know is whether my teenage audience (you guys) will get these references or not – and whether Roo should include footnotes about them. So I want to know what you know/recognize without any research. Correct answers are not the goal. Showing me what references are on your radar already is the goal.


1. Who was John Belushi? (you should know this if you read The Boy Book!)
2. What is a hair band? Can you name one?
3. What is ennui?
4. Have you seen the movie Moulin Rouge? The Baz Luhrman one.
5. What was Queen?
6. What are Birkenstocks?
7. What year do people in your school take the SATs? Junior or senior?
8. What's a Vespa?
9. What is anime?
10. What is an emulsion?
11. Have you seen the movie Point Break?
12. Who is John Hughes?
13. Have you ever read anything by Edith Wharton? What?
14. Have you heard of/seen the movie The Godfather?

Can't wait to read your answers!

NOTE: thank you for all your wonderful replies. Comments are now closed./E