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ask me your FAQ questions

Ask me your FAQ questions and win a free signed copy!
Of what? How to Be Bad (just signed by me, not Lauren & Sarah) or Disreputable History. Or if you prefer, a paperback of The Boy Book. Your pick.

I am updating my FAQ on my shiny new site. Now, I feel like I've answered every question anyone could ever ask me, but you, my faithful readers, you know what it is you really want to know. And if there's nothing you want to know, you can ask me something funny, which might make the FAQ page less full of long semi-intellectual rants about pedagogy.

So the deal goes like this. Ask me a question in the comments below -- here on the blog, not on LJ. First ten people (I will honestly be surprised if there are ten questions, but hey, I have books!) get a free signed copy of their choosing. You should not post your address on the internet, though! You should send it to me at and put "free FAQ book" in the subject line.

I'll answer everything on the blog over the next week.