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Wonder Woman

My side of the story

Over on Maureen's blog the readers are clamoring for the story behind the dance video. (Now watched by more than 10,500 people! or one person who really, really likes it.)

So although Maureen's backstory will be NO DOUBT funnier and longer than my own, I will tell you a little more about it anyway.

Side note: A certain non-dancing, black-clad writer promised to make a "making of" video -- and certainly filmed a lot. But no video is forthcoming. Could he be writing a book instead of messing around with iMovie? Or could our awesomeness upon repeated viewing have stunned him into some kind of coma? Or could he be at Dragon Con?
Anyway, there may eventually be a documentary about making the video. Or there may not. But somewhere out there is footage. And it is incriminating.

Maureen had a vision.
Maureen had a video camera.
Maureen had a iPod full of ABBA.
Libba had a house big enough to hold all of us. (It's New York. We live in itty bitty apartments)

None of us knew what to wear.
Levithan still fit into a lot of clothes from HIGH SCHOOL, including some mad pants, so he wore those. His FRESH t-shirt was fitting a wee bit snug so he let me wear it, as I was dressed way too conservatively for dancing.
Libba was being Stevie-Nicks-ish. Bennett had hotpants and knew how to work them.
Maureen was kind of yoga-lady sporty outfitty.
We didn't match! We didn't care! So long as we all looked at least a little foolish, we felt it was all good.

We scrolled through many many songs from various mp3 players, but when Mamma Mia came on, Libba and Maureen were seized by the dancing sprites and it became immediately clear that this was our song.

Maureen choreographed. I choregraphed a little and was bossy. (I did the bit with the feet at the beginning). In case you can't tell, our bodies on the floor spell out JOHN. Maureen had the vision of crawling on the table, and in fact, all of us did time on the table but Bennett and David and I didn't make the cut in that department. But the table dancing was the most amusing part to watch and Libba did a LOT MORE than what you saw on the video and I really have to say I admire that woman.
Also, she was a cheerleader, for real, and showed us how to make that cheerleady shape where she does the splits.

We all went down the stairs on our bums, but David was the only one who managed to look happy while doing so.

Scott was only convinced to appear at the last moment, non-dancing. Those are David's socks. Then Libba's shawl being thrown at him. That is me laughing hysterically in the background.

Then we all had take-out Chinese.