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Maryrose's book

My friend Maryrose Wood wrote Sex Kittens & Horn Dawgs Fall in Love. It really is the most excellent and funny YA book. And it's totally not dirty, it's just about these fun New York girls who call themselves the Sex Kittens.
And yada yada yada,
I know you might not want to believe me, because like, I'm her friend and all that.
So here is what Common Sense Media says about it:

" effervescent delight, whose laugh-out-loud humor derives less from the story than from the way it’s told. Felicia’s voice is one of the most original and hilarious in years. Readers will love listening to her, and cheering her on as she uses science to try and uncover what makes someone fall for another. She seems incapable of describing even the most mundane event in less than pitch-perfect, sardonic teenspeak.

About marriage: ‘Not that I’d really take his name once we’re married, my mom would go all Gloria Steinem on me.’

On Medea: ‘... she grabs a knife and utterly Tarantinos these two little kids they had together. It’s a gorefest, man.’

It’s like this on every page. This isn’t the way kids really talk — it’s the way they wish they did, if they were quick and clever enough.”