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Alesia Holliday's Boyfriend List

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Ngff200hAlesia Holliday, who is on the Girlfriends Cyber Circuit with me, writes (as she puts it herself) "funny books about the everyday (and not so everyday!) things we all go through." Her website says that her goal with each book is to make you laugh so hard you spew foodstuffs out your nose, so if you like to laugh, you should check her out.

Alesia's new title is Nice Girls Finish First, and it's all about the myth of the nice girl -- and how we can end up doormats if we succumb to the pressure to be nice nice nice all the time. (Something I am rather familiar with myself!) You can read an excerpt from Nice Girls here,

you should also know that under her so-un-secret pen name, Jax Abbott, Alesia's written two novels for teenagers, both about the teenage daughter of a pair of superheroes. They're called Super What? and Super Sixteen.

Superwhat125Boyfriends who have ended up in my books
by Alesia Holliday

1. My two loves from ninth grade, Seth and Mike, are both in my teen series (Super What? and its sequels, written under my pen name, Jax Abbott) as potential boyfriends of my star, Jessie. She has wild, unruly red hair (like I did back then) and HER Seth is a math geek and ADORABLE (like mine), and HER Mike is a jock and also adorable (like mine),. Of course, Jessie also has super powers, so the similarities fall apart a little bit . . . I have a lot of fun remembering life in high school (and how interesting it was to go to school in Izmir, Turkey for a couple of years) for those books.

2. One of my "Oh, boy, was THAT ever a mistake" boyfriends from my rocker boy phase in college is a lot like Daniel, Kirby's rat-bas*%rd ex in Nice Girls Finish First.
Can we say Scary Stalker? 'Nuff said.

3. A very bossy and pompous guy I dated for a short while in college (you know the type -- he HAD to have the last word on EVERYTHING), who wanted me to marry him and not bother my silly little head about having a career (did I mention I was very young? And we only dated a very short time?) is a teensy bit of Bree's boyfriend Lyle. The actual WORDS "barefoot and pregnant" were never uttered, but . . .

4. The hot guy who flies for the Navy I dated when I was in law school seems to be a big part of lots of the heroes in ALL of my books . . . Oops! Good thing I married him. :) So now my list of boyfriends is closed, but last week my five-year-old said, "How old do I have to be to have a boyfriend, Mommy?" and I FREAKED completely OUT. I'm thinking, after my experiences, definitely a convent for her -- do they still have those?