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Bitch_2Martha O'Connor, who is on the GCC with me, is the author of The Bitch Posse. For those of you who want to read a crackin' novel about three outcast high school girls whose lives are changed forever on a fateful night that haunts them far into adulthood -- it's for you. But just so ya know, it's not a young adult title, so expect some raw bits.

Martha also has a most excellent and interesting blog, plus she's a tireless advocate for health research on diabetes. As someone with diabetes in my family, I encourage you to learn a little more and consider making a donation at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Allright, back to our regular programming. Martha did a "musical icons" boyfriend list, and it reminded me what an incredibly sexy smile that Johnny Rotten has. He's always done it for me. And Elvis? I'm not sure what reason she THOUGHT we'd love Elvis, but for me the pelvis-shakin' and lip-quivering most certainly do the trick!
It's a great list, because she also gives us a song to go with each sex god.


by Martha O'Connor
If you read The Bitch Posse you'll know how important music is to me. Music was part of what got me through high school; I hungered for music that expressed how I was feeling, music that was usually angry and often sad.

1)Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. (picture at left) Beautifully angry and honest, this brilliant lyricist and performer is responsible for revolutionizing industrial music and bringing it to a wide audience. His songs are raw and honest and I never get tired of them. Trent Reznor is a sex symbol, pure and simple. For a song that I'd like him to sing to me, I'd choose "Closer." Wouldn't you?

2) Elvis Presley. But not for the reason you might think. Having come from a hardscrabble background, Elvis transformed music, and his unapologetic sexuality still resonates with fans. That quivering lip and the pelvis thing... I'd love to hear him sing "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You." It's a brilliant song that's been remade so many times, but Elvis's version is classic.

3) Jim Morrison of The Doors. Another classic, Jim was truly the Elvis Presley and Trent Reznor of his times. He wrote original, heartbreaking, troubling and sexy lyrics as well as poetry. (Well, lyrics really ARE poetry, aren't they?) Jim is buried in the Pere La Chaise cemetery in Paris, in Poet's Corner alongside many famous authors. Song? "Light My Fire," without question.

4) Johnny Rotten (John Lydon) of the Sex Pistols. (picture at left) Some would say go for Sid Vicious. Not me. Malcolm McLaren booted a wonderful bass player for Sid, and Sid immediately went into self-destruct mode. All style, little substance. Johnny Rotten, on the other hand, is the true talent and genius behind the Sex Pistols and later went on to make great music with Public Image Limited and has had a successful solo career as well. For a song I'm going to go with a PIL tune that still holds up, "Rise."

5) Ian Curtis of Joy Division. This music was so dark and lovely, and often I would lie in bed and just listen all day long. These songs expressed exactly what I was feeling a lot of the time. Tragically, lead singer Ian Curtis hanged himself in his kitchen just one day before the band was supposed to embark on their first US tour. The remaining members regrouped to form New Order, but it wasn't even close to being the same. My song choice from Ian Curtis is "Love Will Tear Us Apart."

6) Morrissey. Deep, troubled, and sexy, the sensitive and melancholy frontman for the Smiths and successful solo artist has been accused of being depressing. Some people do not understand that that's just the point! Morrissey is either adored or reviled. My kind of guy! And since those "is he or isn't he" questions have never been 100% answered, I get to hold onto my dream. For a song, I will go with the Smiths classic, "Reel Around the Fountain."

7) Robert Smith of The Cure. Robert was the mastermind behind this highly influential and cerebral alternative band. This was the very first rock concert I ever attended and it was unforgettable. I don't even mind that he is just a little short. Another nice thing about Robert, we could share make-up and hair products. "Just Like Heaven" is the song I'd like to hear from him; listen to the opening line and you'll know why.