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StorkyDebra Garfinkle,
whose blog I read,
and who's also the author of
Storky: How I Lost My Nickname and Won the Girl
(cute cover, eh?)
sent in her "serial dater's" boyfriend list.
As all too often happens, the nice guy comes in last. (I doubt that happens in Storky, though!)


by D.L Garfinkle

SHAWN-- Oh, Shawn, Shawn, Shawn. We went out for a few months in tenth grade and then I pined for him for the next two and a half years of high school. Why didn't he like me anymore? What could I do to get him back? Turns out, nothing short of changing my gender. Shawn went off to Yale and immediately came out of the closet. Sigh. At least it wasn't me.

KEVIN-- My eleventh grade boyfriend. Those were the days (nights, actually)-- peppermint schnapps, a new truck, and many drive-in movies I don't remember seeing. Last I heard, Kevin was working at a fish store.

COREY-- I wish I knew at the time he was one of the nicest guys I'd ever date (and I dated until I was 29). He drove me to school, sent me flowers, and took me to the prom. He was a real gentleman. Maybe too much of a gentleman. I dumped him for a juvenile delinquent.

RICH-- Said juvenile delinquent. He was my guy the summer before I shipped off to college, and livin' was easy. So what if he dropped out of high school to work at Carl's Jr.? So what if he preferred car magazines over novels? So what if he used the word "ain't" with no shame? So what if his part-time job was stealing radios? He was cute. And that's about all that mattered back then.